my grandparents lived in the antique mansion,
I especially love their house,
there are ancient wood furniture,
calligraphy and painting have juanli ornaments,
fine mahogany bookcase.
Apart from visual and tactile impressions.
What I remember most is that every time I go back to their house,
I open the door and smell the smoke and smoke.
Until many years later,
I talked with grandma,
just listen to reason out of her incense.
She said she was afraid other people might find the house old.
Many people have said that the elderly,
the elderly will have a unique taste the old man body,
this is a true story or legend? If so,
what should I do? Is it really old man? Is it just a legend? It's true。 Japan has even created a word for this kind of smell,
which is called aging odour

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