You are a young man who always turns the kaleidoscope of fashion

in the watershed of the past and the future,
based on the present,
belonging to the present moment.
it always follows the trend of the times,
constantly changing and updating.
And the hand of this fashion kaleidoscope is always a new young man who is brave enough to break through the boundaries of the past and look forward to the future.
Wen Feng Qi / we do not able to imagine the world of the past,
so slow,
in three hundred years of Manchu rule,
the woman did not speak of what fashion! As Eileen Chang said in changing mind,
Chinese women dress for a long time because of his cold founder,
traditional Confucianism,
until twentieth Century second ten years before loosening,
Chinese was also the first time the fashion.
In April 1924,
a poet from India,

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