Is it embarrassing to say exit?

o I received a letter from a fan.
She said: my boyfriend of four years and has no passion,
recently in lovemaking when I do not consciously think boyfriend seed drama in Captain Liu,
psychological feel guilty but cannot control.
What should I do? Hey,
an ancient,
see such consultation,
I am very embarrassed.
Because I haven't talked about love for four years,
I'm not an old driver! In fact,
objectively speaking,
fantasy is a normal thing,
fantasy is handsome and gentle Obama is more excusable.
But subjectively speaking,
you think when mhmm Wuli husband,
I was not happy! You're not alone! As long as I mention Wuli husband,
I will surely reap the sight of my friend.
Because they know who I was watching a drama for a husband,
my Korean husband particularly.
05 years from the dram

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