Inheritance like love Feng Zi, the Analects of Confucius

ays that values are a bit like child rearing.
Small children are naked out,
do not see what difference,
after ten years,
you will find the child with the child's temperament is different,
these brand features outside taste,
language and other integrated body,
is formed by a day of time.
For example,
Wantong employees with a lot of private enterprise employee temperament temperament is not the same,
we speak about ideal,
learn advanced,
walk the path and the pursuit of the ideal way to make money,
said twenty years,
continue to get the same kind of people gathered,
let people leave the offbeat.
This is also like pickled vegetables,
put in the cabbage,
made a little halogen,
take a stone pressed,
covered with lid,
a month later,
it became kimchi,
delicious than cabbage.

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