There are so many people to meet that not all of us are important

of green - listen to story do not have too many people in life,
if they can't walked into your heart,
it will only make your life disturbed or crowded.
Life without too many foil,
need only a kind of company.
Don't overscheduled life,
not the design is too crowded.
Whatever you do,
leave room for yourself to turn around.
Life can be painful,
but also to understand the pursuit of happiness.
Life is just a scenery that makes you linger on.
The happiness of life,
half of it,
half of it.
not with others,
but with difficulties,
and actively strive for,
can step by step closer to happiness.
not follow the crowd,
but the knowledge and safety,
many personnel only things,
you stop.
Through the time of high mountains,
there is always a beautiful scenery,
because we always have a smile;

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