How to pick a perfume that does not rot on streets?

ct girl,
in addition to prevent Zhuangshan,
to prevent hit incense! Perfume is the most low-key and gorgeous display of self tonality.
How can the charm of the smell appear in others?! Finishing up some small,
exotic perfume brands may give you a special aroma.
Annick Goutal Annick Goutal (annick Goutal) is a famous French perfume from the original packaging has been used until now never change,
elegant slim bottle,
golden cap and tied a bow,
bow only color change is on the bottle.
In other brands more or less to meet the market,
launched the popular incense products,
Annick Goutal still adhere to the self style,
not drift,
without good market demand,
maintain the traditional preparation method of French perfume,
but also insist on emotional story behind every perfume.
It was at the he

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