Fans broke the news, the Department teacher asked me to open room harassment with him, I also threatened me, what should I do?

I'm a junior,
and I don't have any worries about my daily life.
My grades are good.
I'm the monitor of the class.
I usually get a little touch with the teachers.
Some time ago,
a teacher called me and added me to WeChat.
I thought he was in the class and wanted to see me,
so I agreed.
But then he started harassing me at WeChat,
saying something very offensive and asking me if I wanted to go with him.
I was scared,
and I deleted him,
but then he added,
I never agree,
then he called me and said,
don't be nice to him.
he hung my class and said he wouldn't give me a good day.
My counselor said,
but because I cut him not a chat,
there is no evidence,
I now really afraid,
now in his class,
he often said to me,
some mystifying words,
I really do not know how to do! Sister,
help me ask everybod

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