Michelle Yeoh and Donnie Yen led the Sixth China Film Festival in France on May

ooks: reprinted from France in May 2,
2016 sixth Chinese battlefield,
France China Film Festival press conference was successfully held in Paris China cultural center.
Paris China cultural center director Su Xu,
the French National Film Centre for European and international affairs department deputy director Michel plazanet,
France EMI Group Sales Manager Kaos international.
Ang Bai,
Sino French co production film Nightingale director Felipe Maitreya,
the film festival technology and the selection of films,
Film Festival Dragon consultants Philharmonic chief representative Xiang Kaitian,
and the French 40 more than the media reporters attended the press conference.
The China Film Festival in France has been successfully held five times with the support of various countries.
The Sixth Chi

Fans broke the news, the Department teacher asked me to open room harassment with him, I also threatened me, what should I do?

I'm a junior,
and I don't have any worries about my daily life.
My grades are good.
I'm the monitor of the class.
I usually get a little touch with the teachers.
Some time ago,
a teacher called me and added me to WeChat.
I thought he was in the class and wanted to see me,
so I agreed.
But then he started harassing me at WeChat,
saying something very offensive and asking me if I wanted to go with him.
I was scared,
and I deleted him,
but then he added,
I never agree,
then he called me and said,
don't be nice to him.
he hung my class and said he wouldn't give me a good day.
My counselor said,
but because I cut him not a chat,
there is no evidence,
I now really afraid,
now in his class,
he often said to me,
some mystifying words,
I really do not know how to do! Sister,
help me ask everybod

Recommended, easy comic intelligence test

this is a popular test.
If you can connect 9 dots in a graph with 4 connected straight lines in 10 seconds,
then you have more than average iq!.
This is,
of course,
the wrong way.
Another wrong approach,
the correct approach: never thought,
really want to see the correct answer to link up.
A ~ ~ by the following selection of high-quality public entertainment,
with you to embrace more rich thoughts feelings: the Internet depth analysis of the micro signal: hlwsdfx most material Internet information,
the most comprehensive,
the most in-depth analysis of the Internet Internet news! Over 30 people in the industry have focused on my attention,
you will not regret it! The up arrow arrow length according to the two-dimensional code,
select the identification map of the two-dimension

How to pick a perfume that does not rot on streets?

ct girl,
in addition to prevent Zhuangshan,
to prevent hit incense! Perfume is the most low-key and gorgeous display of self tonality.
How can the charm of the smell appear in others?! Finishing up some small,
exotic perfume brands may give you a special aroma.
Annick Goutal Annick Goutal (annick Goutal) is a famous French perfume from the original packaging has been used until now never change,
elegant slim bottle,
golden cap and tied a bow,
bow only color change is on the bottle.
In other brands more or less to meet the market,
launched the popular incense products,
Annick Goutal still adhere to the self style,
not drift,
without good market demand,
maintain the traditional preparation method of French perfume,
but also insist on emotional story behind every perfume.
It was at the he

There are so many people to meet that not all of us are important

of green - listen to story do not have too many people in life,
if they can't walked into your heart,
it will only make your life disturbed or crowded.
Life without too many foil,
need only a kind of company.
Don't overscheduled life,
not the design is too crowded.
Whatever you do,
leave room for yourself to turn around.
Life can be painful,
but also to understand the pursuit of happiness.
Life is just a scenery that makes you linger on.
The happiness of life,
half of it,
half of it.
not with others,
but with difficulties,
and actively strive for,
can step by step closer to happiness.
not follow the crowd,
but the knowledge and safety,
many personnel only things,
you stop.
Through the time of high mountains,
there is always a beautiful scenery,
because we always have a smile;

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