Work in different places, the husband's monthly wages turned over to his wife, playing 900 pieces of living expenses to him, daily necessities also by his wife online shopping

husband and wife because work separated two places,
but even distance,
can not prevent the husband to pay monthly wages,
and even daily necessities,
have to wait for his wife online shopping to him.
Liu Li and his wife Lu Lu are from Guizhou,
and two are college classmates.
After graduating from college in 2009,
Lu returned to Guiyang through the civil service exam,
and Liu Li stayed in Chongqing.
an internet science and technology company is working on the development process near the global building.
In 2014,
they met again at the reunion and talked about long-distance love.
In May 2015,
when the marriage certificate was received,
the problem of other places was not solved for the time being.
After marriage,
Liu Li's wages card and all bank deposits are turned over

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