What not to buy 7 cars after the people actually buy money

ind of life,
a life in the eyes of ordinary people do not dare to pursue,
because of heavy,
C1 driver's license can drive,
maintenance cost is high,
the failure rate is high the impression that stop people into cars in the world,
in fact,
there are some errors,
generally not more than 6 meters in length the car can control the C1 driver's license,
and for many problems,
if you choose not to buy the car,
a scooter,
to pay the time and effort will certainly be more sure.
Choosing a RV is choosing a life in which the car is not your tool but your home,
your partner,
and if you are frightened by expensive spending,
take a look at the couple's five year touring car.
The couple began to take car travel from 2011,
they choose to buy a Iveco commercial vehicle to converted into a car,
we look at t

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