Toothache really terrible, ease toothache traditional Chinese Medicine

ing goes,
toothache is not a disease.
It hurts terribly.
How can we ease the terrible toothache? Many friends in our life have suffered from toothache.
Sometimes we take medicine without taking care of it.
So how to relieve toothache? What relieving toothache remedies? Here we have prepared Chinese medicine recipe ease toothache relieving toothache! How cool mung bean mung bean litchi,
litchi and warm,
hot cure toothache.
Grab a green bean,
put seven dried litchi to shell,
add water to boil,
cook the mung bean,
and even litchi,
mung beans together to eat (the litchi kernel spit out).
Watermelon skin usually collected some watermelon,
only cut from a layer of emerald,
wash after exposure,
until completely dry and then grinded into powder,
borneol into the bottle,
to the pharmacy to buy 5 ce

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