The turbo era of 100 thousand yuan to a small high level sedan

many consumers in the election of vehicles,
both small displacement,
but also big power,
which seems to be a bit of strong car difficult.
With the pace of domestic new car market continues to advance,
consumers in the car when the choice of space continues to expand,
these consumers really can not choose the two have both model? The answer is no,
the popular small displacement turbocharged engine is a good solution to the problem.
A recommended several recent limelight Masamori small displacement turbocharged models to you here,
to meet the consumer size take Car Buying desire.
SAIC Roewe 360 official guidance price: 75 thousand and 900 -12.
99 million recommended models: Roewe 20T dual clutch 360 ultimate said small displacement turbocharged engine,
will have to mention t

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