The old driver taught you to soak (all Asian) air hostesses

you didn't want to pursue but most brothers to airline stewardess,
airline stewardess as inviolable air goddess,
or just not excluded out of the face.
the stewardess is also an ordinary girl,
even because of the small circle of communication,
you need more attention.
(those who call for the airline stewardess waiter guy,
can close the conversation will only trigger their boring) consciously refused,
a man named Allen Yu brothers decided to share his experience with you,
this guy had a lot of success about airline stewardess,
and are on Asian routes due to business trip sultry woman.
he almost every 2 to 4 weeks will fly again in the United States between asia.
Following is his bubble stewardess experience: 1,
do not ask some mental retardation,
talk about what is to

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