Strawberry washing

a good season to eat strawberries,
many people do not know how to properly clean strawberry let Xiaobian tell you Setp1 you put the strawberries in a colander with flowing water rinse can be hand gently rub away the surface of the first light strawberry pesticide Setp2 you don't pick strawberries with strawberries in the cleaning or pesticide when the residual with water into the flesh oh Setp3 you prepare a pot of water,
add a teaspoon of salt and then put in for 3 - 5 minutes so you can remove the attached bleb in strawberry surface residues Setp4 we finally drained water second times of rinsing Setp5 so after cleaning the strawberry is not clear if you think the trouble Xiaobian recommended to buy strawberries at least put water soak 30 minutes after soaking enough time Between can also

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