Save money, from today, the public can go to the designated supermarket to buy cheap pork, attached to the supermarket list

Huaxia just want to wear a dress shirt,
did not think of the weather in Beijing will face,
according to the latest weather forecast: a country from Mongolia south to the cold air invasion of Beijing in 4,
today and tomorrow will sweep northerly winds,
gusts of around 7,
but also to cool,
girls want to go also have to weigh.
But when the bad news came,
the good news was not idle,
and the price of pork in Beijing should go down with the temperature.
Speaking of pork,
really makes people fuck broken heart which,
since the Spring Festival this year,
Beijing City,
the price of pork has been running at a high level,
preferably pork generally sold at about 18 yuan per kilogram.
But within a week,
pork prices rose about 1 yuan per kilogram,
compared to the beginning of the year,

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