Life explosion, your fart belongs to what kind of lethality?

embarrassing question once the public put the facial expression to natural grace,
I smell but is unable to avoid because hold fart fart body for a long time will hold out from the mouth will be transported to the lungs wholly intact blood and exhaled gas discharged with the body to think I would party scientifically the daily average 14 times (not fart fart mouth) whether you fart is what level? Let's take a look at the party fireworks fart: only one sound,
short and loud.
it's not so smelly.
Sometimes it comes in several.
Comfortable whistle fart: as long as the ass began to whistle,
whistle on the pride of the people you recruit.
It is like a small child Zi,
is not very smelly,
for people suffering from severe hemorrhoids,
so put a fart,
let the cold air soothing hemorrhoids

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