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the introduction of T2 mobile phones,
so far for some time,
and has no new releases.
There is now more and more news about the hammer new mobile phone,
Luo also said in the micro-blog T series,
the hammer will not abandon the entity key design,
the 2 generation mobile phone nuts in the configuration and experience will be significantly improved.
Recently in micro-blog,
users @ Mama macro continuous exposure related information of new products including hammer,
hammer T3 and nuts U2 mobile phone.
From the micro-blog content,
hammer T3 will be divided into two versions,
one version of the snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB memory and 1080p display,
Xiaolong 823 processor version with 6GB memory and 2K screen,
the battery capacity were 3500mAh and 4500mAh,
and the positive press type fingerpri

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