Dogs smell shoes, steal their shoes, and have an intoxicating expression

real thief who steals shoes.
The only hobby is to steal the owner's shoes,
then hide into a place that he thinks is very safe and enjoy it! The host is also very silent,
and every time I catch Kwezi,
holding shoes,
so intoxicated with the enjoyment of expression,
it is really helpless.
Come on,
let's go on with your hobbies! The card when the shoe is necessary,
otherwise a waste of time in the comfortable! When I sleep,
without the smell of shoes,
how can I sleep? Caught in the current time,
I feel very embarrassed,
because I love smelly shoes with shoes as if the whole world.
Evidence of the crime was arrested together.
! Kwezi stole the shoes: the whole trip was so serious that she didn't even see her camera behind her.

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