What not to buy 7 cars after the people actually buy money

ind of life,
a life in the eyes of ordinary people do not dare to pursue,
because of heavy,
C1 driver's license can drive,
maintenance cost is high,
the failure rate is high the impression that stop people into cars in the world,
in fact,
there are some errors,
generally not more than 6 meters in length the car can control the C1 driver's license,
and for many problems,
if you choose not to buy the car,
a scooter,
to pay the time and effort will certainly be more sure.
Choosing a RV is choosing a life in which the car is not your tool but your home,
your partner,
and if you are frightened by expensive spending,
take a look at the couple's five year touring car.
The couple began to take car travel from 2011,
they choose to buy a Iveco commercial vehicle to converted into a car,
we look at t

The turbo era of 100 thousand yuan to a small high level sedan

many consumers in the election of vehicles,
both small displacement,
but also big power,
which seems to be a bit of strong car difficult.
With the pace of domestic new car market continues to advance,
consumers in the car when the choice of space continues to expand,
these consumers really can not choose the two have both model? The answer is no,
the popular small displacement turbocharged engine is a good solution to the problem.
A recommended several recent limelight Masamori small displacement turbocharged models to you here,
to meet the consumer size take Car Buying desire.
SAIC Roewe 360 official guidance price: 75 thousand and 900 -12.
99 million recommended models: Roewe 20T dual clutch 360 ultimate said small displacement turbocharged engine,
will have to mention t

Save money, from today, the public can go to the designated supermarket to buy cheap pork, attached to the supermarket list

Huaxia just want to wear a dress shirt,
did not think of the weather in Beijing will face,
according to the latest weather forecast: a country from Mongolia south to the cold air invasion of Beijing in 4,
today and tomorrow will sweep northerly winds,
gusts of around 7,
but also to cool,
girls want to go also have to weigh.
But when the bad news came,
the good news was not idle,
and the price of pork in Beijing should go down with the temperature.
Speaking of pork,
really makes people fuck broken heart which,
since the Spring Festival this year,
Beijing City,
the price of pork has been running at a high level,
preferably pork generally sold at about 18 yuan per kilogram.
But within a week,
pork prices rose about 1 yuan per kilogram,
compared to the beginning of the year,

Good luck in May, these 6 days must be taboo

he May day,
fierce day too many,
not a guard,
really easy to smooth things stuck.
Which violent days are taboo? You have to pick out xiaoxian! A fierce day: May 5th (lunar March 29) on the value of the big break [month] inauspicious Xiongshen,
in addition: broken house bad yuan,
cure disease,
should take less! No need to avoid this blackday zodiac: snake blackday: two May 11th (the 5th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) [death] on the value of a demon,
Kyrgyzstan less evil,
in addition to: hunting,
and funeral matters,
good things do not take! No need to avoid this blackday zodiac: Pig fierce day three: May 17th (the 11th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) on the value of most big break [month] inauspicious Xiongshen,
in addition: broken hou

Work in different places, the husband's monthly wages turned over to his wife, playing 900 pieces of living expenses to him, daily necessities also by his wife online shopping

husband and wife because work separated two places,
but even distance,
can not prevent the husband to pay monthly wages,
and even daily necessities,
have to wait for his wife online shopping to him.
Liu Li and his wife Lu Lu are from Guizhou,
and two are college classmates.
After graduating from college in 2009,
Lu returned to Guiyang through the civil service exam,
and Liu Li stayed in Chongqing.
an internet science and technology company is working on the development process near the global building.
In 2014,
they met again at the reunion and talked about long-distance love.
In May 2015,
when the marriage certificate was received,
the problem of other places was not solved for the time being.
After marriage,
Liu Li's wages card and all bank deposits are turned over

Life explosion, your fart belongs to what kind of lethality?

embarrassing question once the public put the facial expression to natural grace,
I smell but is unable to avoid because hold fart fart body for a long time will hold out from the mouth will be transported to the lungs wholly intact blood and exhaled gas discharged with the body to think I would party scientifically the daily average 14 times (not fart fart mouth) whether you fart is what level? Let's take a look at the party fireworks fart: only one sound,
short and loud.
it's not so smelly.
Sometimes it comes in several.
Comfortable whistle fart: as long as the ass began to whistle,
whistle on the pride of the people you recruit.
It is like a small child Zi,
is not very smelly,
for people suffering from severe hemorrhoids,
so put a fart,
let the cold air soothing hemorrhoids

Hammer, T3, nut, U2 configuration, Qi exposure, makeup, beauty, cry you

the introduction of T2 mobile phones,
so far for some time,
and has no new releases.
There is now more and more news about the hammer new mobile phone,
Luo also said in the micro-blog T series,
the hammer will not abandon the entity key design,
the 2 generation mobile phone nuts in the configuration and experience will be significantly improved.
Recently in micro-blog,
users @ Mama macro continuous exposure related information of new products including hammer,
hammer T3 and nuts U2 mobile phone.
From the micro-blog content,
hammer T3 will be divided into two versions,
one version of the snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB memory and 1080p display,
Xiaolong 823 processor version with 6GB memory and 2K screen,
the battery capacity were 3500mAh and 4500mAh,
and the positive press type fingerpri

Toothache really terrible, ease toothache traditional Chinese Medicine

ing goes,
toothache is not a disease.
It hurts terribly.
How can we ease the terrible toothache? Many friends in our life have suffered from toothache.
Sometimes we take medicine without taking care of it.
So how to relieve toothache? What relieving toothache remedies? Here we have prepared Chinese medicine recipe ease toothache relieving toothache! How cool mung bean mung bean litchi,
litchi and warm,
hot cure toothache.
Grab a green bean,
put seven dried litchi to shell,
add water to boil,
cook the mung bean,
and even litchi,
mung beans together to eat (the litchi kernel spit out).
Watermelon skin usually collected some watermelon,
only cut from a layer of emerald,
wash after exposure,
until completely dry and then grinded into powder,
borneol into the bottle,
to the pharmacy to buy 5 ce

Greentown VS Hengda, this weekend's tickets, we send free

is game is not with this small green head as pseudo fans also want to go to the scene to feel the charm of Football Super League eighth round of the May 8th (Sunday) 10 tickets 19:35 Hangzhou Greentown home court against Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao is so we close the game free slow hand Click to read the original turntable sweepstakes winners buddy carefully fill in the name and phone number with the information in the 9:00-18:00 in May 6th to Hangzhou Road,
Huanglong Century Square block A 12 floor front tickets don't forget our play the community Football League also see a ball with his family and brothers play a game this summer is hot hot! Find out more in detail here

The old driver taught you to soak (all Asian) air hostesses

you didn't want to pursue but most brothers to airline stewardess,
airline stewardess as inviolable air goddess,
or just not excluded out of the face.
the stewardess is also an ordinary girl,
even because of the small circle of communication,
you need more attention.
(those who call for the airline stewardess waiter guy,
can close the conversation will only trigger their boring) consciously refused,
a man named Allen Yu brothers decided to share his experience with you,
this guy had a lot of success about airline stewardess,
and are on Asian routes due to business trip sultry woman.
he almost every 2 to 4 weeks will fly again in the United States between asia.
Following is his bubble stewardess experience: 1,
do not ask some mental retardation,
talk about what is to

Rotten country is the NO1 of the dark cuisine, and Iceland expresses its disagreement

mes to dark cooking,
the instinctive reaction is the rotten country looking up at the starry sky,
But the dark cooking can not let people blame our back rot ah Iceland dark cuisine a little time please! The smell of carrion suffused with shark meat flavor Rye Bread fart brewed with potatoes and coriander Black Death wine acid salty mouth of ram testis.
is this will give curious babies look at the popularity of Iceland dark cuisine in Iceland are the way to look at what to eat and not eat.
(Note: the following 18 years accompanied by parents please watch shark meat H Karl) stinky stinky shark meat is the most characteristic of Iceland,
the most famous delicacy! A look at the three characters of shark meat ,
feel the thief pulls the senior,
but the loc

Dogs smell shoes, steal their shoes, and have an intoxicating expression

real thief who steals shoes.
The only hobby is to steal the owner's shoes,
then hide into a place that he thinks is very safe and enjoy it! The host is also very silent,
and every time I catch Kwezi,
holding shoes,
so intoxicated with the enjoyment of expression,
it is really helpless.
Come on,
let's go on with your hobbies! The card when the shoe is necessary,
otherwise a waste of time in the comfortable! When I sleep,
without the smell of shoes,
how can I sleep? Caught in the current time,
I feel very embarrassed,
because I love smelly shoes with shoes as if the whole world.
Evidence of the crime was arrested together.
! Kwezi stole the shoes: the whole trip was so serious that she didn't even see her camera behind her.

Strawberry washing

a good season to eat strawberries,
many people do not know how to properly clean strawberry let Xiaobian tell you Setp1 you put the strawberries in a colander with flowing water rinse can be hand gently rub away the surface of the first light strawberry pesticide Setp2 you don't pick strawberries with strawberries in the cleaning or pesticide when the residual with water into the flesh oh Setp3 you prepare a pot of water,
add a teaspoon of salt and then put in for 3 - 5 minutes so you can remove the attached bleb in strawberry surface residues Setp4 we finally drained water second times of rinsing Setp5 so after cleaning the strawberry is not clear if you think the trouble Xiaobian recommended to buy strawberries at least put water soak 30 minutes after soaking enough time Between can also

That's what makes us happy

e my article,
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you can set your concern in public: would like to share with you and get on often meet the external desire spiritual joy joy in life are temporary and this happiness is in our hearts to need a thing once you have will feel happy if even if it doesn't feel the need to have a little happy feeling nor healthy people are happy mental health than physical health is more important because the good deeds we are happy heart calm we are happy! Welcome to add me --- Jiacuo Buddha personal micro signal jiacuohf9910 long according to the recognition of two-dimensional code attention Jiacuo Buddha charity shop all profit for Tibetan children's education online address: jiacuohf.
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